Being mad online is an art form, and one of the only things that the most powerful person on the planet is unambiguously good at. For months, his Instagram has been posting text of his tweets over a hilariously posed photograph of him pecking away at some device. When Donald Trump gets fully irritated on the internet, the result on his Instagram is the array you see above.

Tonight, though, the president took his anger to a new level. In response to Sally Yates’s and James Clapper’s testimony at a congressional hearing about Michael Flynn and Russia, he added the text of a nonsensical tweet to the banner image on his Twitter profile. This is what his account looks like now:

As BuzzFeed’s Tom Gara points out, this is essentially giving your account two pinned tweets. May we all be blessed with impeachment proceedings that include Trump clarifying that actually, this is funny to him.

As is often the case, the inventor of the form set up others to perfect it.



The absolute best-case scenario is that this is his most durable legacy.